Saturday, 12 April 2014

Keeping in Touch

Keen readers may have noticed that a good month into the revision period, with just under a month to go before my examinations hit, I've been struggling somewhat to keep my menswear writing flowing as regularly as usual. I'm missing it dreadfully, but unfortunately my degree and examinations must come first. Given that I haven't posted in a while however, I thought a short piece informing readers of what's happening behind the scenes at Student Tailor HQ might be in order.

Well, as I just mentioned, the main news at the moment is that I've got just under month before I have to sit some seventeen and a half hours worth of exams on medieval and Anglo-Saxon literature (with a bit of archaeology thrown in for good measure) and around two months to go until my university experience ends and I graduate. Once exams are over I'll be producing a few pieces offering my closing thoughts on how Oxford's exceptionally smart, preppy style has influenced my own dress sense, and how my time at University has moulded my approach to fashion and style, before I leave.

Then, comes the summer and the time for me to attack both job hunting and my long term aims to develop the blog and my regular columns as respected reviewing platforms, and to develop my profile as an involved and committed part of the tailoring and men's style scene. It's going to be an exciting time and I'm very much looking forward to taking you all on that journey with me; we're talking more analytical insights into the industry, more insight into brands behind the scenes, more product reviews, factory visits and as ever, the usual compliment of whimsical bibblings and style advice. More to come on these developments post-exams.

As far as the employment front goes, I currently am hoping to have something lined up come the Autumn, although if there are any individuals in the industry reading this who would like to give me the opportunity to prove that I am committed to being a tremendous asset, fully engaged in the world of sartorial men's style, then now would be a very welcome time to hear from you!

But, to return to the present, those of you (if indeed there are any of you) who are missing the regular dose of 'studenty-tailoringy' thoughts, might I suggest that you keep checking my other writing spaces and columns on a regular basis? I'm still writing pieces regularly for Mensflair and the chaps at The Code of the Gentleman have received a number of contributions from me recently, not all of which have been published as yet. Likewise, in order to keep both readers and myself at least partially satiated with matters relating to gentlemen's style, I'm posting little nuggets of tailoring related thoughts and analysis on my Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and Tumblr, so please do follow and keep an eye on those - I aim to post at least one item of interest on each of those platforms daily.

That's all there is to offer at the moment really, I hope that this post has reassured readers that I am as committed as ever to Thoughts of a 'Student Tailor' and I'm itching to get back to writing regularly come the end of May. In the meantime, wish me luck in my Finals eh?

Kindest regards to all,



  1. I'd be interested in your thoughts on this suit:
    (also at:

    1. Hello there,

      This is an interesting suit to discuss. The cloth strikes me as very pleasant indeed - a lovely oatmeal colour not often worn. The gloss on the cloth is also pleasant. It also fits the gentleman well with the possible exception that the trousers are a tiny little bit too long, so the legs are bagging at the top of the shoe.

      With regards to cut, I have some issues. The waistcoat is too long for the body of the wearer and it makes him look square and it makes his legs look shorter than they are. I would always recommend going that extra mile to find (or alternatively order bespoke or made to measure) suits which have trousers with a higher rise than most high-street suits offer and which is matched accordingly with shorter waistcoats. This helps to re-proportion the torso and legs. It also (in my opinion) just looks more elegant. You can see what I mean by comparing the image here with the one you sent to me:

      I'd also recommend wearing dark brown shoes rather than tan with a light brown suit.

      If there's anything else specific that you'd like me to comment on about the suit, please do let me know.

      Kind regards,


  2. Many thanks for taking the time to look at this and prepare such a detailed and carefully considered response. If it is of interest the suit was made by Owen Scott Bespoke Tailoring, according to their website they offer appointments at Scabal's premises on Savile Row.

    1. Interesting, thank you for the information, and for the compliments. I haven't heard of Owen Scott before but I shall take a look.

      Best wishes,



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